Alison Woolley
decorative painter

Strapwork Harpsichord:

This project involved a collaboration with the Parisian harpsichord maker Marc Ducornet . The instrument was made in his workshop in Paris, then shipped to us in Florence for the painting and making of the base. The client commissioning the work asked that I take reference from an antique harpsichord in the Victoria and Albert museum in London.

Strapwork detail unvarnished.
Painted harpsichord case in our workshop.
Finished harpsichord on base. The base was constructed in oak, using historical references.
Detail of inside lid.
Detail of landscape with Orpheus, (consistent with the historical tradition of depicting Orpheus on musical instruments because of his ties to music.)

Jean Bas Harpsichord:

This project involved another collaboration with the Parisian harpsichord maker Marc Ducornet. This harpsichord was to be decorated as a concert instrument after the style of a harpsichord by Jean Bas (Marseille 1737).
Detail of the working drawings.
The finished harpsichord.
Detail with raised lid.
Detail of the decoration, musical 'putti'.
Detail. The legs of the stand were painted and gilded with 22 karat gold leaf.
Detail of the decoration.
Detail of the lid decoration realized with casein paint and 22 karat gold leaf.

Italian Virginals:


This is an Italian virginals with Grottesca (grotesque) style decoration. Grottesca (grotesque) style decoration was a renaissance adaptation of ancient roman wall decoration, made famous by the workshop of Raphael in Rome and then later that of Vasari in Florence, among others. The instrument was constructed by the workshop of Marc Ducornet in Paris.
Finished painting on the lid, before patina.
The finished virginals, open.
Detail right side.
The lid painting with patina.

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