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May Artisan Craft Week

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The Florenceart.net studio offers a series of short workshops during the week of the artisan show in the Corsini gardens in Florence. The Artigianato e Palazzo show held in the gardens of the Corsini palace in Florence is now in its 24th year and is well known for their carefully curated selection of fine artisans exhibiting and demonstrating their craft. The course program includes demonstrations and short workshops as well as visits to the artisan show and various artisan's studios in Florence

Workshops in the studio: Gilding, fresco painting

Visits: wood carving, paper and bookbinding, semi precious stone inlay, artisan show

Studio sessions:
- Fresco and Sgraffito:
Students experiment with true fresco techniques with real lime plaster: how to make fresco plaster with lime and sand, and how to execute decorative work with compatible pigments. These techniques are useful to make high quality decorative panels or for the creation or restoration of decorative frescoes on site, indoors or outdoors.

- Gilding: Students are introduced to the art of gilding, working with delicate leaves of real gold. Water gilding techniques are useful for making beautiful decorative panels, gilding on furniture and frames, or for the restoration of antique frames. .


How to register | Accommodation | About the teachers


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