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Special Moroccan Retreat

Participate in this special intensive workshop focusing on making beautiful  portraits, botanical paintings, and decorative panels incorporating rich gilding techniques and pattern 

About the Class: This is a unique occasion for gilders and painters with some previous experience to take part in an intensive class focusing on improving painting techniques in oil and water based mediums, the use of gilding, and decorative patterns on gold. We will be producing portraits using a model, and decorative panels using flowers, fruit and decorative gilding techniques. This is an opportunity to gain many technical insights and a practical approach to challenging techniques under the guidance of two expert teachers in a very special location. Accommodations and studio space will be provided in the the newly opened, beautifully equipped and comfortable Maison 28 in Marrakech.  You will be pampered in this custom renovated riad while you concentrate on your painting and gilding techniques. Alison Woolley and Kamille Corry will lead the workshop. Kamille is a well known classically trained realist painter whose work is known for its soft romantic quality and high level of technical skill. Alison is a renowned decorative artist known for her fine decorative work and gilding techniques.  This exciting class is for those who love the decorative elements in fine art and would like to apply them to their work. This class combines the rich aesthetic value of gold, the intensity of pure pigments, moroccan patterns, and the fine quality of realist painting

Goals of the Workshop
- learn a practical approach to portraiture to get good results
- learn and improve gilding techniques
- improve drawing skills
- learn effective use of color and value by creating studies of flowers and fruit
- study good composition and experiment with creating combinations of decoration, pattern, gold and painted subjects

Techniques Covered in the Workshop:
- portraiture from life with a model
- decorative techniques on water gilded surfaces: punch work, incising, painted decoration
- techniques for creating decorative pattern in gold and paint
- fine art drawing techniques in pencil, charcoal and silverpoint
- tempera painting with casein paints and egg tempera
- oil painting techniques
- finishing and varnishing techniques

View a presentation of the course
Read an interview with Kamille Corry
Read an article about Alison Woolley

March 2-13, 2018

Cost:   $2980 USD per person includes 11 nights accommodations in shared twin rooms* with private bathrooms, breakfasts all days and lunches on working days, two group dinners, airport transfers, concierge services and excursion.

*There are a limited number of single rooms available at an extra cost.


* itinerary may be subject to some small changes

- Photo album:
Here are some images for the class and examples of the work of Kamille Corry and Alison Woolley.

Availability: Spaces are limited to 10 students at one time, available places will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

How to apply:
Please send your request by email to the studio.
A deposit will be required at the time of registration
contact the studio by

Please note:  prepared real Gold leaf ground is not included in the price of the workshop and can be brought by the student or purchased from the studio during the class. Each student should bring a basic personal kit of paintbrushes. Details of brushes required will be given at time of registration.

Our studio in Florence:
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