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Italian Artisan Courses in Florence, Italy

Florentine Furniture Painting

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 Traditional techniques for producing beautiful decorated furniture, panels and frames  

Course description:
This course is useful for those who wish to understand the processes involved in producing traditional Florentine painted decoration, mostly intended for wooden surfaces. In this course we cover various techniques for creating painted decoration and quality finishes on wooden surfaces, from antique to modern, with emphasis on the traditional Florentine techniques. These techniques are applicable to the decoration of frames, furniture and accessories, interior doors, cabinets and art panels. Techniques and procedures are covered starting either from raw wood or an existing finish and arriving at a finished piece. Traditional gesso grounds and modern variations are covered, as well as paints and 'patinas'. Quick and practical gilding with gold size and composition leaf is also covered. We will study approaches to composition of ornament, hand painting and stencil decoration. Participants will create sample boards and several small wooden moldings with various examples of finishes and decoration for furniture. Waxing and antiquing techniques will be discussed. Favorite examples of well loved European furniture finishes will be covered such as Shabby Chic, Gustavian, and Crème Peint. We produce a number of small sample panels and mouldings to cover various aspects of surface preparation, antiquing and finishing.
During the course you will learn about::

how to prepare wooden pieces for painting
techniques for making a traditional gesso ground
use of casein paints, lime paints, and ground pigments
the basics of shading or ‘chiaroscuro’ work
a presentation on composition of ornament
introductory aspects of composition and familiarization with styles of historical ornament
basic gilding techniques
various finishing techniques with varnish or shellac
antiquing, waxing and patina

The courses take place within the Florenceart Studio, a working art studio producing Florentine decoration for furniture and walls for the international interior design industry. Students can observe and learn from their surroundings as well as from the teaching.
Students explore the historical aspects of Italian arts and crafts and gain an understanding of the high quality materials and craftsmanship involved in the production of them. The course is meant to be inspirational as well as educational. All levels are welcome. Teaching is in English or Italian. The group size is limited to a maximum of 8 participants per course.

Projects per student:
-1 gilded and painted tray*
-1 panel with simple two-tone decoration
- several small panels with various finishes for wooden furniture
- extra sample panels can be produced according to speed and desire of individual students to explore new techniques under the guidance of the teacher.

*projects may vary
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