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M.Cavallini mural decoration class


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Italian Artisan Courses in Florence, Italy
Architectural decoration, Mural painting & Wall finishes
Learn time-tested techniques for mural decoration passed down through generations of Italian artisans.

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 Mural painting with Vieri Panerai  Part One: levels 1,2,3 | Part Two: levels 2,3
Hours: 40
Duration: two weeks
Time: 14.30-18:30
Dates and prices

Teacher: Vieri Panerai
Location: Florenceart studio, Via del Campuccio 23/R, Firenze

Learn practical professional mural and trompe l'oeil painting techniques in a well structured, condensed studio course taught by an accomplished muralist.

Special guest teacher Vieri Panerai, winner of the internationally famous Trompe L'oeil festival of Lodi, teaches this special course on mural painting. Vieri is a sought after muralist and artist. Together with his partner, Astrid Carli, he is the owner of AVDecorazioni. He has executed many large scale interior murals and prestigious commissions from heads of state and leading figures in business and politics for paintings and portraits.

Vieri has much to share on the subjects of colour and composition, planning, strategy and execution of professional works, (both small and large scale). He also has a special understanding of depicting the human figure. We work through practical exercises with him in order to explore and understand his methods and techniques. The techniques acquired will help students to improve their abilities to obtain, design and execute professional mural commissions successfully.

Example projects (part one of course):


Course Description, part one: Basic Mural Skills

Technique and materials:
preparation of grounds
types of canvas
how to apply canvas to walls
types of paint

Theory and demos:
planning a mural (large scale or small)
drawing and the use of the computer to create a presentation sketch
colour schemes

Hands on project:
making a small scale decorative panel (see examples below)
painting and drawing techniques
transfer techniques
colour mixing
execution of painted decoration.

Example projects (part two of course):


Course Description, part two: Constructing a Mural

Theory and demos:
linear perspective
atmospheric perspective
colour harmony

Hands on project:
making a trompe l’oeil mural panel
trompe l’oeil elements (stone, metal, marble, shadows)
sky and landscape

Note: The two parts of the course are designed to stand separately and you can choose to take only one part. In the first part the decorative panel project to be realized is smaller and less complex, whereas in the second part, recommended for painters with previous experience, the panel realized is larger and more complex.

This course is taught in Italian and English.

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Some pictures of Vieri's works:


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