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Summer Mountain Retreat

Paint, gild and relax with a small group who are passionate about art in this beautiful mountain setting overlooking a nature reserve

Level: this course is suitable for all levels

About the course: The Borgo Pianello is an antique hamlet in a splendid position surrounded by the Apennine mountains, overlooking the Corno alle Scale nature reserve. Guests stay in the estate's antique buildings in comfortably renovated apartments, with a restaurant and swimming pool on site. We will have our studio working area in the farmhouse, but we can paint and work outside as well. Mid-week we will take an afternoon trekking excursion and see some of the beautiful surrounding mountain scenery.

Workshop classes
Wooden Grounds: We will cover the proper preparation of wooden panels with gesso. We will also prepare wooden panels without gesso as a ground for painting.
Traditional paint mediums: We will cover the preparation of egg tempera paint, the use casein paint, and some limited use of oil.
Gilding: Students can choose to study the gilding process by making a gilded relief border applique for their panel
Examples: Watch this page for sample course panels that will be published as the time comes closer. The teaching panels will be done as examples of the following:
-landscape with a grisaille (trompe l'oeil) decorative painting border, with gilded elements
-nature studies on wood, botanicals
Inspiration for the workshop will be taken from the surrounding natural beauty but also from fantasy landscape and paradise paintings from the 17th century. You are free to work on one or more of the proposed projects or the choose your own subject matter and explore the materials with the help of the teacher.

Painters attending are welcome to bring their sketchbooks, watercolors or oil paints for any personal field studies they may wish to do. The studio area will be available on site from morning to late evening for those who wish to work on their projects.

Course projects: We will work on wooden panels, directly on the wood, and using gesso preparations. We will use egg tempera, casein and some oil paint to make panels with a choice of subject matter from landscape, nature studies, botanicals and decorative painting. Students can also choose to make a gilded border on the panels. Watch this page for sample course panels that will be published as the time comes closer.

Uses: The techniques covered are useful as furniture painting techniques, or for decorative or fine art panels

The Accommodations:
-There are 3 single rooms in the farmhouse with 2 shared bathrooms
-There are two apartments suitable for two participants: The apartments are comprised of a bedroom with twin beds , bathroom, and kitchen lounge area with a single bed. View Accommodations

Meals that are not included in the program can be bought on site or made independently in the apartment kitchens.

Day One July 11 Saturday :
-Arrival afternoon: pick up at Bologna airport, stop at grocery store to purchase personal items and individual supplies.
-Welcome dinner at Borgo Pianello

Day Two July 12 Sunday:
-Morning workshop: Introduction to projects, preparing gesso and wooden grounds, preparation of gilded border elements
-Afternoon workshop: Exploring the use of casein paints, preparatory painting exercises on watercolor paper, making egg tempera paints

Day Three July 13 Monday:
-Morning workshop: Preparing panels, outdoor drawing, taking field notes, photos, color swatches of flora and fauna
-Afternoon workshop: making preparatory drawings, step by step drawing practices, transferring drawings onto prepared panels, sanding border relief elements

Day Four July 14 Tuesday:
-Morning workshop: painting with casein paints, applying bole to relief borders
-Afternoon workshop: painting with egg tempera paints
-Evening pizza making workshop and meal

Day Five July 15 Wednesday:
-Morning workshop: painting ornament with casein paints. Casein paints are suitable for decorative paint work because of their fluidity and opacity. Gilding border elements
-Afternoon workshop: painting flowers and natural objects with egg tempera paints. Egg tempera is suitable for paintings of flowers and natural objects because of the depth of vibrant color that can be obtained.

Day Six July 16 Thursday:
-Morning workshop: finishing painted ornament, burnishing gold, antiquing techniques
-Afternoon workshop: continued work on panels

Day Seven July 17 Friday:
-Morning workshop: finishing projects
-Late afternoon trekking and sightseeing excursion
-Dinner in a local mountain restaurant

Day 8 July 18 Saturday:
-9 am Departure for Bologna airport

Cost: *Early bird discount of 100 euros available until January 30th 2020*
-1500 euros double occupancy
-1700 euros single (singles are limited)
-2000 private apartment

Included in the Price:
-Welcome meal
-Pizza cooking lesson and meal
-Trekking excursion and farewell dinner
-Group Transfers to and from the airport in Bologna
-All class supplies excluding books of real gold

Not included
-air travel to meeting point
-Extra transfers for those who do not meet the group at Bologna airport

Extra charges:
-books of real gold

About the Teacher:

Alison Woolley owner-founder of Florenceart.net Studio-school
Alison is a professional artist and decorator, owner of Florenceart.net, a decorative arts and teaching studio in Florence, Italy. She started her career as an apprentice in a traditional Florentine ‘bottega’ decorating furniture in the Renaissance style. Over the years this specialized work blossomed into an expertise in creating luxuriously decorated surfaces of many kinds, from interior murals to fabric and package design. Today, you can see the artist's refined and meticulous hand on works such as two hand-painted harpsichords for the Opera of Versailles and her own line of scarf designs.

Instruction is available in English and Italian

Deadline for application:
Feb 28 2020, Early bird discount available until January 30

How to apply:
Please send your request by email to the studio.
A deposit 30 percent will be required at the time of registration
contact the studio by e-mail

Please note:  Students must ensure that they have all necessary visa and health insurance for their stay.

Our studio in Florence:
Via della Scala 11 (near Piazza Santa Maria Novella)
50123 Firenze


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