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Out of the Ordinary
(Three Extraordinary Methods for Painting Botanicals)

Learn three special botanical art techniques 

About the Course: This workshop is an introduction to creating botanical art and decorative floral motifs in three unique techniques. All three combine historical mediums and supports. While these techniques are distinctly different they do share some common working methods:
Mische Technique - Learn how to combine egg tempera and oil layers to create a luminous botanical portrait.
Drybrush watercolor on vellum Learn the basics of this classic botanical technique and medium using watercolor in a drybrush style on calfskin vellum.
Casein on gessoed panel Explore the magical versatility of this ancient medium. Casein is an opaque, water-based painting medium that uses casein (a derivative of milk curd) as a binder and cleans up with water. Alternate: Casein on clay panel Learn a modern take on fresco painting with casein on archival kaolin clay panels.

Dates: Week Module 3: July 17-21 2017 at the Villa Palmerino

Cost:  1 week module ( includes accomodation in singleroom with private bathroom): 1250 euros (check-in Sunday, check-out Saturday)
         fees include: accommodation, scheduled courses, studio sessions, 1 weekly group dinner
         fees do not include: airfares, transportation, art materials
        (a list of necessary materials will be provided- some materials will be available for purchase)

Program :
Monday to Thursday will be spent learning the basics of these methods. The teacher will provide drawing templates for typical fruits and flowers that we can expect to find in the gardens, or you can work from your own drawing. We will be referencing live specimens for local color and details. On Friday, you can choose what technique(s) you would like to explore in more detail.
Day 1:
Morning - Intro to Mische Technique
Pick subject, transfer drawing to panel, ink drawing, apply layer of red oil (or
alkyd) paint.
The teacher will demo each step.
Afternoon - Intro to dry brush watercolor on vellum
Series of exercises to show techniques
Day 2:
Morning Continue with dry brush watercolor using simple subject (perhaps a
Afternoon Mische Technique
Demo and class painting of 1st white egg tempera layer
Apply layer of yellow oil (or alkyd) paint.
Day 3:
Morning Intro to Casein on panel (or clay panel)
Series of exercises to show techniques
Afternoon - Mische Technique
Quick demo/painting of 2ndwhite egg tempera layer
Apply layer of blue oil (or alkyd) paint
Day 4: Continue with Casein
Morning - Continue with casein using a simple subject
Afternoon Mische Technique final egg tempera layer and starting local color in oils (or alkyds)
Day 5: Free to explore any technique(s) more in depth with the assistance of the teacher.

View photos of the summer program on Facebook

Picture Gallery of some examples:

Each participant will have their own room with private bathroom. Kitchen and laundry facilities are shared. Free Wifi is available throughout the property. For those willing to share accommodations (two per room), there will be a 30 percent discount.
Here are some photos of the accommodations:

Spaces are limited to 12 students at one time, places will be assigned on a first come first served basis with priority given to students who have studied with the Florenceart.net studio in the past.

How to apply:
Please send your request by email to the studio.
A deposit 30 percent will be required at the time of registration
Deadline for submissions: May 5, 2017
contact the studio by e-mail

Please note:  Students must ensure that they have all necessary visa and health insurance for their stay.

Our studio in Florence:
Via della Scala 11 (near Piazza Santa Maria Novella)
50123 Firenze


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