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Special Yuzen Weekend Workshop

Participate in this intensive workshop to learn traditional techniques for exquisite hand painting on fabric 

About the Class: This course is a unique occasion to expand your knowledge of decorative techniques into the world of fabric decoration. The technique taught during this weekend course is an ancient and traditional method used for kimono dyeing, a tried and trusted method dating back to the 17th century. At the end of this course you will have produced beautiful, hand dyed, quality fabric decoration that is color-fast and washable, under the guidance of our highly experienced and well organized teacher Kataoka Kazuko. During the course each student will produce a hand dyed silk fabric sample decorated using the Yuzen process. The technique involves the use of rice starch, seaweed, and other traditional materials. The first day will be spent mostly on the reproduction of a drawing or pattern on the silk and the process of preparing it for dyeing. The second day will cover the dyeing and the fixing of the colors to the silk.

About the Teacher: Kazuko Kataoka begun learning the Yuzen technique immediately after graduating from school in 1978, giving her a full 40 years of experience with the technique. Kazuko was the apprentice of a Yuzen master, Shimizu Mitsumi, for many years and won several prizes for her work in Japan before moving to Italy. She has performed her work process for shows in both the museum of textiles in Prato and the Institute for Japanese Culture in Rome and is recognized as a teacher by the Museum of Fabric in Prato

Goals of the Workshop
- learn the basics of Yuzen fabric painting from start to finish
- learn how to source and select the proper materials needed
- become familiar with the simple tools of this art form and their correct use
- produce a small sample on silk
- learn effective use of fabric colors and notions of how to make a harmonious color palette

Techniques Covered in the Workshop:
- design transfer and outline in removable ink
- application of a rubber paste for masking fine lines
- stretching and sizing the fabric on bamboo stretchers
- application of masking paste made with starch and sawdust
- dyeing the ground
- removing masking materials
- selecting a color palette
- mixing fabric colors
- applying fabric colors
- fixing the colors

- Photo album:
Here are some images from the class and examples of the work

Availability: Spaces are limited to 10 students at one time, available places will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

How to apply:
Please send your request by email to the studio.
A deposit will be required at the time of registration
contact the studio by

Please note:  All materials for use during the class are included in the price of the workshop. Each student should bring an apron or wear paint clothes. There will be an hour of unstructured time on the second day while the samples are being treated with steam. During this time students can take a break, or use the opportunity to ask detailed questions, review with the teacher or experiment with painting directly on silk scraps. The teacher speaks Italian and Japanese. An English translator will translate consecutively during the lessons.

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