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Architectural decoration, Mural painting and Wall finishes
(decorazione murale)

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Special courses with master painter Marco Cavallini:
Trompe l'Oeil level 1: To learn how to trace the painted line is the base of the whole procedure of creating chiaroscuro effects. Learn not to be discouraged by few paint drips and other mishandling. Proper handling of the brush and ruler, exercising the hand and the wrist, will gradually allow for the building up of linear tones and to build visual volume into architectural details such as mouldings and ornate motifs. After tracing a few lines, confidence will grow in what seemed not so easy at first.

Trompe l'Oeil class level 1

The first day of the course of Trompe l'Oeil level 1: Tracing lines on a wall using a liner brush and a ruler.

Starting to paint lighter shades to give visual depth to an architectural division of space.

Overall view of the final result, from right side.

Overall view of the final result, from left side.

True Fresco and Graffito Techniques Level 1

Removing the top coat of lime paint on the 'sgraffito fiorentino' panel.

First working on the outline of this 'griffin' (mythological animal from the repertoire of grotesque motifs).

Two layers of lime based mortar. A light colour of lime paint over a 'brown coat'.

The corner 'fan' motif details are painted with true fresco color technique on two 'sgraffito fiorentino' mortar coats.

A griffin ornament in graffito

Students practice on grotesque motifs in the 'buon fresco' technique. The bases are the traditional 'cotto' roof tiles called 'embrici'

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