FlorenceArt.net is a studio-school in FLORENCE, ITALY, specializing in the finest artisan creations and teaching traditional Italian decorative arts.

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Visit our design studio
View some of our past projects and read details on how you can custom order or commission work from our studio and associated artisans. We produce fine hand painted, gilded furniture, frames, reproductions, decorative panels, works of art and accessories in our studio in Florence. We use traditional historically correct techniques and materials to give our production quality and authenticity. We are experts in the antique art of water gilding with real gold leaf. We use natural pigments, traditional paint mediums like casein and lime and know how to finish with waxes to create rich patinas.
We are designers with an eye for detail. We can design ornament, create pattern or decoration for any product. We have designed for such diverse projects as carved pedestals for musical instruments and patterns for scarves. We are happy to meet the needs of individual clients with ideas for custom projects.

Learn Traditional Italian Artisan skills
We offer the possibility to take lessons in the arts of gilding, trompe l'oeil painting, decorative painting in many styles with the use of egg tempera or casein paints, fresco, textural lime plasters, and the restoration of paintings. We can also organize courses for groups upon request. Participants learn traditional European decoration techniques in our school-laboratory in Florence or in scenic Tuscan settings, carefully chosen for participants to enjoy the good life. These courses are a must for faux and trompe l'oeil painters, interior designers, antique restorers, crafts people, art connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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FlorenceArt.net is dedicated to promoting and teaching traditional florentine crafts of the artisan community in Florence, Italy
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